Friday, April 30, 2010

In hindsight

April was phenomenally busy for me - on top of cultivating a relationship with a woman who re-entered my life with more bang the second time around, I've been event planning and hosting for Sexual Assault Awareness Month...that's what I do by day, *wink*.

I am the Director of the Rape Recovery Team - we serve and partner with survivors of sexual assault. For the month, we wanted to hold several events in the community to raise awareness, educate and ideally make a shift...all in good time.

Life has been hectic to say the least and barely say nothing at all - especially, lest I forget, I am in the process of moving as well...hope to gather the final load of boxes TODAY. I move like I live - by the thread on the seat of my pants. I had movers move the furniture and other heavy stuff and I packed a car load of boxes at a time, took them over, unpacked and returned to fill them again. Sometimes, I just stack them, still full and find another something to fill with my stuff.

If I didn't know better, and perhaps I don't, I would think that I was deliberately trying to drive my own sweet self to lunacy.

Nevertheless, it's coming to a close - that's a wrap folks!

Sexual Assault Awareness Month is over and all boxes of schtuff are ALMOST moved over from the house to my new apartment AND...

...the 'she' of my new budding romance, still loves me and has supported me through it all.

We have had some hard knocks in the last three months - don't get me wrong. We have bickered and stomped away, always to return - we have come face to face with the raw reality of sharing a life with another thinking, breathing human being - one who has their own ideas about everything from the brand of tissue we buy to the purpose (or lack of) missionaries in foreign countries. We have had to compromise and listen and accept and create space for this other person who means so much to our happiness and the path of our that they might have very well become the path of our life.

Love is our greatest least that's what I'm thinking.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Thank you...

Because I don't say it enough...

Because I have SO much in this world blessing me...

Because every step away is a step toward and every step toward is a new beginning, a rebirth - a step outside of samskara (past seeds or impressions we create with habit).

Thank you.

For life, for love, for breath...

For the hum of energy in the landscape of a well-lived life - the spread of energy as we move in and out of the realm of others.

Thank you.

I am in awe and I am living, breathing gratitude.