Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Exploring the Pose: Goddess

Nothing makes me feel more powerful and divinely connected to my femininity than Goddess pose. The following link gives you the low-down on entering the pose as well as a picture:


I would just add that a wider stance makes for a more comfortable zone of hang-out.

Nevertheless, find your way to Goddess, tune it, listen to the body and invite movement.

Perhaps you rock gently from side to side, shifting the weight of the squat from right to left. Perhaps your arms stay in the way the picture suggests or you make arm circles with the breath, or you bring your hands together resting on your heart center (anjali mudra) or you chart new territory.

Where will your body go?

I recently read that we should use a yoga pose to come further into our body instead of using our body to come further into a pose.

This is that practice brought to life.


Exploring the pose...

Enter a pose. Any pose. Pick your favorite...and then explore.

Allow the arms to move or flow in and out of expressions--framing the head, together in prayer at your heart's center, by your side, together in prayer behind your back, forming a "V" shape reaching up--there is no limit to the amount of expression you can explore while yielding to the call of your body.

Tune in. Listen.

Where will you go?


Saturday, July 19, 2008

Yin Yoga Workshop

Cool beans and rice!

Yoga Ananda is having a workshop on Yin Yoga w/a guest teacher.


Yin Yoga Workshop

Date: Saturday 8/16/2008 from 1-4 PM

Come and enjoy the magic of Yin Yoga your body will feel like it never has before! While many “styles” of yoga practice promote strengthening and stretching of muscles, the complementary Yin style practice addresses the need for strength and elasticity in the connective tissues of the body (tendons, ligaments and fascia) for optimum health and functioning. Yin yoga asanas specifically target the deep connective tissues in the body. The yin areas of the body generally targeted in the practice are between the knees and navel; the lower body (especially in the legs, hips, pelvis and low back). In this gentle yet powerful workshop you will: Learn and experience the basic principles of Yin yoga; how to relax the muscles and enjoy holding postures for extended periods of time. Discover the joy of some of the most common poses and practice them in detail including their variations and options.

Joan E. Ryan, E-RYT 500, is a Certified Professional Integrative Yoga Therapist 1000 hours (E-500 hours) and Kripalu Certified Yoga Instructor (200 hours). Joan began her study of yoga in 1972. Moving to Florida in 1997, Joan left her corporate career in Human Resources Management, giving her the opportunity to live her life’s dream of sharing her gift as a healer. Desiring to expand and broaden her healing talents after a bout with breast cancer Joan completed Integrative Yoga Therapy-Professional Yoga Therapist program. Joan has a special talent and reputation for developing and teaching many special interest yoga programs: Healthy Back and Neck Yoga, Yoga for Arthritis, Yoga for Fibromyalgia, and Yoga for Scoliosis. Joan is a mentor in the Integrative Yoga Therapy Teacher Training program and also adjunct faculty at Discovery Yoga School.

One more time:

August 16th, 1-4p.

$40 now or if you pay after the 15th of August it's $45.

Either way--goodness will follow.


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Better than coffee...

Needed to wake up today as I sat for an hour and a half in the doctor's office for an unexpected appt. to check my son for strep throat. Turns out, he doesn't have it--yay!

However, as I sat there, I was excruciatingly tired. My body was fatigued from the sitting and the waiting.

I rose and proceeded to move my spine through its full range of motion. Side to side, front to back and twists on each side.

A full charge of energy ran through me and I'm convinced it restored my stamina for the waiting and why I'm able to blog AND cook dinner at the same now right now.

Spine Flow:

Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon) to the left and then the right
Standing back bend
Uttanasana (Forward fold)
With left hand grounded on floor, twisting right fingertips toward ceiling for twist, then...
With right hand grounded on floor, twisting left fingertips toward ceiling for twist.

Turns out, you really can practice yoga anywhere.


Sunday, July 6, 2008

Going "yin"-side

I have found myself gravitating to yin yoga in my personal practice lately. I even incorporate a few postures into the practices that I teach. I am finding that teaching yoga is quite different from practicing yoga, that, without the breath depth and focus, it is merely strong movement that taxes the body--my body.

Going "yin"-side, as I like to call it, allows me to release a tired body, as the muscles stay cool and relaxed, and stress the joints holding this teacher together. While in a pose, I hang and breathe and listen to the cool stuff that comes up within. In turn, my body responds with bliss and balance.

If you're interested in trying a small bite-o-yin for yourself, visit this link for a single pose that just might peek your interest for more:



Butterfly is my all time FaVoRiTe pose--I have crossed into divinity in that pose!

Be sure to read the section in its entirety before crossing into your own divine trance, especially the counter poses which simply suggest a place to come after the pose offering relief to those areas stressed in the posture.