Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday's Flow

Was jazzy, blissed and smooth--the energy in the room was GrEaT and I soaked it up. Great class, great people, great vibes.

There was:

~Breath awareness
~Neck rolls
~Acting as a compassionate witness to thoughts

~Side stretching from seated
~Table: Cat/Dog
~Puppy--Moving that lymphatic fluid!
~Downward Facing Dog/Walking the heels down

Surya Namaskar (3)
~Side body stretch
~Crescent lunge
~Prayer Twist Modification

Trikonasana Flow
~Triangle to
~Standing Split


~Half Locust
~Gharbhasana Child's Pose

Hip Opener
~Baddha Konasana Bound Angle

Forward Bend

~Setu Bhandhasana Bridge
~Knees to chest

Inversion--Half Shoulder Stand/Legs in air
Counter to inversion--Matsyasana/Fish

Blissful Savasana

Peace to all who read, peace to all who came--I am SO digging this journey and live as a blessed soul.

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