Saturday, August 2, 2008


I glimpsed this coveted state of bliss today, this morning during practice while in pigeon pose. The onset was subtle--absolute peace, centered stillness. I didn't know it for what it was, didn't see it it coming--I just opened to the onset of supreme comfort.

And then...

The bliss intensified--an overtaking, a consumption of my mind and my emotional state. I was unfolding and it was raw and pure.

I was overwhelmed and couldn't stop the smile from spreading across my face.

I became emotional--so much happiness rushing over me so completely was more than my simple mind could fathom and I had the urge to cry.

I opened to the urge--it wasn't a sob or a rush of tears, or anything like that. My eyes filled with water, the lump was in my throat and then at once, I saw it for what it was...I knew I had entered the blessed state... evanesced.

With a feeling like that and the promise of more, I return to the mat like a bee drawn to nectar, like a moth to light, like a poet to words.

I am drawn.

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