Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I miss my flow...

I am such a flow girl.

I have known this for some time but have taken it for granted in my asana practice because it was just how my body moved--one pose flowing into another into another, led by the breath. My daily yoga dance, my offering of grace.

As I recover from the surgery, I move differently on the mat. I enter a pose, leave a pose, enter another, leave another, attempt to enter some that are still not possible, honor the limitations I find myself in for now and attempt something else. I can feel my body pulling toward a flow, craving the smooth connections between these poses that it knows so well, like the words of a inspiring prayer etched into the mind, my body knows it's flow. My body wants to flow...

However, I suppose my practice then is to embrace and honor where I am physically. Perhaps my 'flow', for now, can be the way the breath moves my body while I hold a pose, the grace of softening--physically, mentally, spiritually--deeper into myself.

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