Friday, February 27, 2009

Waffle Practice

So this morning, I set my alarm like I always do to rise for my practice. Usually I am alone in this space and time because the rest of the bodies in my house are sleeping.  But this morning, in preparation for an anticipated park day with friends, the house was alive--all bodies up and moving.  

I could have closed the door on it all and had my practice anyway but I felt compelled to be with them, to spend time with them, however short, just talking and having breakfast before I left for the office.

Yoga is a practice of mindfulness and happens on AND off the mat--I am consistently being reminded of this.

So, I made 3 Belgian waffles with maple syrup and pecans and sat down with the kids for breakfast, talking, laughing--just being with each other.

Practice is perfect, however it unfolds.

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