Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are...

...inside of me for sure.

I re-read a journal entry of mine last night where I recorded my thoughts pertaining to an article on using yoga to harness rather than tame the wildness inside of us. The article explores the Western emphasis on the serenity inducing, rejuvenating aspects of yoga.  The author concedes that while yoga is certainly about peace, it also brings out our strength and channels our wildness.

This SO resonates with me--I am CRAZY wild! My mind can lap itself and I can get caught in thought patterns that are less thought patterns really, as that makes them sound so ordered, and more like thought labyrinths. I'm up and I'm down and I really just have to give myself the space to experience these polarities because I know I will level out eventually.

This morning, I embraced that wildness on the mat and it was totally cool.  For the duration of my practice, I allowed the crazy side of me to surface--she's playful, spunky and ill-tuned to the moment but for this practice, I let her have her way.

With her disregard for centering on the moment, I can't say there was much focus but it was a cool mind trip.

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