Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I have been a +1 for nearly nine years and except for a 3 month separation this time last year, we have been under the same roof, parenting and living a together life. However, while this life may have been under the same roof, our paths were drifting away from each other with the space between representing our irreconcilable differences.

This divide of our lives was not from a lack of love mind you. No, this was more a lack of interest in exploring what remains to be seen with the other.

Out of respect for my ex, I will not unpack the details that pertain to our separation...they matter less than the overall point.

I have stepped out of a comfort zone.

I have stepped up to another way of life without having to know first how that life will unfold.

I am invoking trust from the depth of my being that I will be left standing in the wake of so much change.

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