Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Figuring this stuff out...

I have stumbled upon several awesome new-to-me blog additions lately (all added to the list on the left) and have found conversation among them regarding what to teach, how to teach, why to teach, etc.

I find it all very interesting and it is my hope that we are all moved to teach in a way that authentically represents our personal path--no personas.  What you see is what you get.

I can only speak for me.

This is where you'll find me.

I have no front, no game.

See this comes easy for me--I never have.  What you see is REALLY what you get.

I can't even flirt good--I'll giggle.  Except maybe after wine...I digress.

I teach with my heart and I usually incorporate Dharma talks from lessons I've learned--earlier in the day or week--or from something I have read.  Sometimes, I have no talk on my tongue and class is rather quiet except for the calling of poses and the necessary alignment language.  

But then, isn't that just as good?

Do we really have to create the experience for the students?  Can't we just sometimes offer it up and allow it to blossom in their care and awareness, through their movement and within their breath?


Anonymous said...

Whatever, however, you teach is the best way to teach. If you taught any other way than what comes naturally to you each time you get up in front of the class, THAT is a diservice to your students.

My poor students...they have to deal with the authentic me on a regular basis. My husband told me that at least one time in every class, I make a really off the wall comment. Last week it was about trampolines and going braless.

Seriously. Sometimes I wish I wasn't quite so authentic :)


You made me laugh with you trampoline and braless comment! Sort of wished I was there...I'd love to know where you were going with that one :-)

Anonymous said...

There was context I swear! I was talking about the lymphatic system...but somehow it sounded like I was talking about how its good to jump on trampolines without a bra!

(burying face in shame)


Jen said...

Great post! I found you via The Joy of Yoga.

During and after my teacher training program I noticed that a lot of my classmates taught a lot like our teacher - same sequences, same words, even the same quiet voice and it got me wondering about my own authentic teaching voice. My teacher is an amazing teacher, but mimicking her wouldn't be fair to my students (or her) so I had to find my own voice and style. I'm more of a "loud-mouth" and prone to occassional off-the-wall comments like yogawithaja. That's just who I am, on and off the mat.


Hi Jen--

Thanks so much for stopping by--glad you made your way over :-)

I can TOTALLY relate to what you're saying. I have found myself, especially in the past, sounding like my teachers. As much as I can, I speak from my heart and my truth.

It's funny to me that it takes so much work to be authentic--I think, at least for me, this practice is more than just a physical kick and if I'm using something in class, more than likely it's something I'm working with or working on or working through. Therefore--it's very personal. You're getting a piece of me...

I love that you and Aja have such quirky tendencies and can speak so openly about them--for the most part, I can dweeb out with the best of them too!