Monday, October 12, 2009

Hold on...

So this morning at 4:00 AM, after I snoozed my alarm for the first of three rounds that I allow, the alarm clock fell off the nightstand and, I guess, in retrieving it, I inadvertently turned it off.



Cut to 7:15 AM when I'm startled awake, first by the glow of daylight--NO!

Then comes the realization that my dog is barking because my mom has been knocking on the door to be driven to the airport AND my poor daughter is (understandably) freaking out because she woke up on a sodden pillow of cat piss.



No yoga for me--I have to get to work so I can be home in time to take the children to the park before I leave to teach in the evening...blah, blah, gasp, moan, whine.

So I wrestle my now irritated ass out of bed, open the door for my mom, collect the piss-soaked items from my daughter's bed--comforter, sheets, BRAND*NEW*WORLD*MARKET*PILLOW and Memory Foam mattress cover--instruct her on the proper use of Lysol and literally pole-vault myself into the shower WITH the pillow.

As I begin to soak it under the flow of water from the shower head (and breathe in the ammonia of cat piss as it fills the hot, steamy shower) I see that it is a zip-off cover...but of course.

So, I unzip the damn thing...throw the pillow to my daughter for Lysol intervention and soap up the cover.

Because it is a BRAND*NEW*WORLD*MARKET*PILLOW, the coloring is fresh from the factory and I realize as the turquoise bleeds from the fabric that I am slowly turning blue.

After my excruciating lower body transformation into a reject Smurf, I finish washing the case and pass it to my daughter--we're a regular mom and daughter tag team with cat piss being the glue that binds us.

I hop out of the shower and blaze through the rest of my 'process' chest is gripped in stress.



On the drive in to work I alternate between a mind laden with expletives and tiny, almost imperceptible shards of clarity that I can perhaps *be* my yoga...this is what I practice for EVERYDAY, yes?


Here's to holding on for the holding on for the crazy, unpredictable, often comical and bumpy ride...come what may.

Bring it on...I got this.



Brenda P. said...

What a way to start the day.

Well, I have a suggestion--not yoga-related--that has made my life (and carpets) with a cat that marks less stressful: Try Anti-Icky-Poo Industrial Strength. I get it from my vet. It's a microbial cleaner that sits on the pee and, as it dries, microbes eat up the pee smell and stain. Makes all the diff. in the world in getting rid of the odor.

Hope it helps. It won't create time for yoga, but might help the daughter's mood...


I had never heard of this so THANK YOU...from ALL of us at tiny-kitten-central, we salute you and your recommendation.