Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pictures of my Tattoo

I have a lot to say on the experience of this tattoo--it was freakin' phenomenal! But until I do, I let the pictures speak for themselves.

I will say this about the symbolism: the lotus is a symbol of beauty and light in the darkness because it is a flower that grows in the mud. This is my life. The Buddha impression in the leaf of the lotus is my path of the middle way.


CharlotteB said...

Okay Tina - that is an awesome tattoo!!! Very cool choice - the lotus and Buddah. Congratulations on your pre-birthday gift to yourself and all that it means. I love that it is so prominent - you didn't go for the little tat hidden somewhere ;) Woo hoo!


Thank you, thank you! I love it SO much...and you're right. When I told him (my artist) that I was going for bold--he didn't let me down!