Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wild Thing, I think I love you...

I attribute the goodness of this week to my discovery and practice of Wild Thing.

I have always known this pose as 'Flipping the Dog' but learned it from a John Friend presentation as 'Wild Thing' in the Anusara tradition...but of course, it IS an intense heart opener.

I'm sure my chakras are spinning like mad, crazy little machines in this pose because when I come out--it's on!

We protect the heart--physiologically, psychically and emotionally. Naturally, we are comforted by folding in and around our heart--we can breathe here because we feel safe and the heart is secure. When we open the heart and kick it up to the universe, come what may, we heighten our senses, enliven our prana (life force)--we become hyper-aware and alert.

Sure, it's comfortable and safe to stay folded in, to guard the heart but I don't want comfortable and safe anymore.

Give me the risk, give me the chance, give me room to dare...I trust that I will catch myself if ever I fall.


Elizabeth said...

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Hi Elizabeth--thank you for stopping by and posting a comment. I appreciate the referral to Lucky Everyday...looks like an interesting read from what I can see.