Monday, October 5, 2009

Wild Thing

In class tonight we warmed the spine in preparation for 'Wild Thing', an appropriate pose with "Where the Wild Things Are" opening next week...but of course.

It was great!  My students were adventurous as they moved into their own explorations of the various stages leading to their wild side.

There was laughter and all sorts of expressions as they challenged themselves beyond what they knew...certainly beyond comfort zones.

Some nailed the pose, others got closer than they probably thought they might and still others played with the prep--all smiles and warrior spirits.

It was freakin' awesome!

We found our way to the wildness by starting here:

Seated Twist and Side Stretching
Cat Flow
Modified Plank (from Table)
Prana flow of Downdog to Updog--moving with breath
Sun Salutations


We got crazy WiLd!

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