Sunday, November 8, 2009

Slackline Yoga

The line strung & anchored between two trees in the front yard of my house:

Finding balance on my own by letting go of the chair at my side:

Learning how to fall...there's a lesson here:

I know they're there if I need them but easing into balancing on my own:

Okay...someone's getting cocky:

Chair Pose with support:

Warrior I with support (those poles came in real handy!):

Crow Pose perhaps? Eventually...maybe?

These pictures are from the afternoon of my birthday--the family experienced the slackline with me: my sister-in-law, my children, my mom, my niece (well, we held her there...she's only 5 months).

It was an incredible experience--to be celebrating a birthday, my 35th, where we inevitably get older, yet to be endeavoring a new hobby that challenges my strength, balance and determination.

I learned something pretty cool on (and off) the slackline that day. Slackline yoga was more than just learning how to balance on the line...I had to also learn how to fall.

Slacklining was a test of my strength and my balance, requiring mental and physical steadiness or 'staying up' in a way that was prepped to fall and falling in a way that left me able to get back up. A metaphor for life perhaps?

3 comments: said...

That looks so interesting! Happy birthday wishes again and again - to celebrate with friends in the sun balancing on a tiny line - how fun!

Team YogaSlackers said...

Check out for more info

Antonio Páez said...

Usefull the stick in order to gain balance. Congrats