Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Commitments for a New Year

Clean slates...

Fresh starts...

There is something refreshing and inspiring about the starting over, like turning a page, like being born again.

Well...for me, already I feel as if I have been born again and again this past year...change is my constant, I say it time and time again.

Change is my commitment - I do not fear it, I will not be moved.

I do not feel a need to set a resolution - fortunately I already live with intention, more or less guided by my heart, more or less living my least trying to.

Time is a human construct and the passing of time inevitable...we are presented with a "New" Year everytime time we consciously choose to engage in our life, when we set about to live in harmony with our truth.

However your clean slate presents itself, however your fresh start's to happiness, here's to authenticity and here's to jumping into our lives at any and every 'awakened' moment.



YogaGal in the NW said...

Yes yes yes! Very well put. Glad to have found you.

May 2010 shower blessings upon you.

nadinefawell said...

Amen to that. From one reborn girly to another!


Thank you ladies...