Saturday, March 29, 2008

'Being' is yoga too

I have to remind myself of that--on those days that I feel pressed to get "yoga" in--to fit it in among my other obligations. Right there, that's an indicator that I am not where I need to be with my practice.

Is it really just another obligation?

Furthermore, when I am trying to make my yoga window, it's for asansas--they are only a tiny fragment of yoga and I know this.

My commitment going forward is to realize that 'being' is yoga too--whether I'm being mindful while I make bread, dinner or play a game with my kids, whether I'm knee deep in a lesson with them or writing or whether I find my way to an easy seated position on the floor--I can be and that's yoga too.

I can breathe my way through stress or emotional surges and I can relish the sweetness and joy--this is my life and I set the pace.


yogayoga said...

Exactly! It's so easy to loose the practice amongst our everyday lives. This is a constant struggle of mine.

Thank you for the reminder! Because, at the end of the day, that's really what's it's about. Otherwise, I might as well just be stretching. :-)

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Raghav Singh said...

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