Monday, April 14, 2008

The Space in Between the Beans

Allow me to explain. Today, my kids and I did an experiment to show the space between molecules. We took a cup of hot water, full to the brim, and added powdered sugar by the teaspoon. The water never rose over the brim, the sugar found space between the molecules.

Our research question was, "Can a container that looks completely full, still have room?"

Our answer was, "yes".

To further illustrate this concept, we filled a small glass jar with dry black beans. When I couldn't fit one more bean in the jar and I had confirmed with each child that the jar was indeed full, we poured water over the beans to fill the space in between.

Matter is overflowing with empty space.

I thought of myself. My own busy life packed full like beans in a glass jar. When I get to yoga, it's usually filling the space between my beans. Which is fine, I suppose, magnificent that so much can be accomplished in the finite time we have and the breakdown of that time into days.

But yoga should be a bean, peace and contentment the water that flows between my beans bonding everything together...filling the space.

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