Tuesday, March 25, 2008

So you want to do yoga?

Then today, make a point of sitting in the floor with your eyes closed, somewhere you like, in a way that is comfortable with your body, no strain, no pressure.

When you've found that blissful place, begin to notice your thoughts--they will come like a waterfall. Let them. Stand behind that waterfall and witness.

While those thoughts are streaming in and by, turn your attention to your breath, making no effort yet with the thoughts.

What is your breath doing? Can you slow it down? As you play with slowing down the breath, begin to count to yourself on each inhalation, then again on each exhalation. After noting the duration of each, try to make your exhalations twice as long as your inhalations. Be patient. Be loving.

Then notice where your thoughts are. Can you prioritize? Can you allow them to fade into the distance while you're immersed in breath awareness? They will still be there after your practice but you might have a different outlook on them--give yourself this time, you deserve it.

That's yoga man.

Well done.

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