Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Exploring the Pose: Goddess

Nothing makes me feel more powerful and divinely connected to my femininity than Goddess pose. The following link gives you the low-down on entering the pose as well as a picture:


I would just add that a wider stance makes for a more comfortable zone of hang-out.

Nevertheless, find your way to Goddess, tune it, listen to the body and invite movement.

Perhaps you rock gently from side to side, shifting the weight of the squat from right to left. Perhaps your arms stay in the way the picture suggests or you make arm circles with the breath, or you bring your hands together resting on your heart center (anjali mudra) or you chart new territory.

Where will your body go?

I recently read that we should use a yoga pose to come further into our body instead of using our body to come further into a pose.

This is that practice brought to life.


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