Sunday, July 6, 2008

Going "yin"-side

I have found myself gravitating to yin yoga in my personal practice lately. I even incorporate a few postures into the practices that I teach. I am finding that teaching yoga is quite different from practicing yoga, that, without the breath depth and focus, it is merely strong movement that taxes the body--my body.

Going "yin"-side, as I like to call it, allows me to release a tired body, as the muscles stay cool and relaxed, and stress the joints holding this teacher together. While in a pose, I hang and breathe and listen to the cool stuff that comes up within. In turn, my body responds with bliss and balance.

If you're interested in trying a small bite-o-yin for yourself, visit this link for a single pose that just might peek your interest for more:


Butterfly is my all time FaVoRiTe pose--I have crossed into divinity in that pose!

Be sure to read the section in its entirety before crossing into your own divine trance, especially the counter poses which simply suggest a place to come after the pose offering relief to those areas stressed in the posture.


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