Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The practice...

As I unfold into my own yoga practice, I try to remain open to and aware of what I'm feeling, what I'm learning, what is happening in the course of the mat-bound practice and recently, it occurred to me to treat each pose as if it were a situation in my life, a metaphor for that which is beyond the mat.

I follow the course of my mind, noticing where I go in the pose, training my mind to be present and when I sway by way of distraction--outside of me or inside of me, I come back to the breath, to the pose, to the alignment of my body in the pose, to the opening.

For me, it's not always easy to meditate from seated--I can handle 5-10 minutes before the stillness of my body invites mental distractions but if I'm meditating in motion, I can flow through a meditative practice without looking for the end.

The practice is understanding that this is my practice...creative authority belongs to me.

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