Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Wisdom of the Dali Lama

I was reading a book in which the author wrote of a lecture she attended where the Dali Lama was speaking and during his portion, he talked about violence and the individual.

I briefly summarize his words here:

He said he was not going to address war or violence or genocide in the world, rather, he was going to ask each individual to look at their own heart, at their own insides and take note of impatience, intolerance, anger and/or aggression because the war, the violence, the genocide, that he didn't specifically address, are merely manifestations of that impatience, that intolerance, that anger and aggression rooted in the heart of the individual.

Will you have the courage and the fortitude to call your own self out and to cultivate the peace you seek in your heart...your life?

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