Sunday, February 15, 2009

Here I 'flow' again...

Just barely but flowing nonetheless.  It's been wonderful exploring my new possibilities on the mat--easing further into a stretch, exploring nuances and breathing open.

Today, I flowed through a practice from Kira Ryder's website--thought I would share here for those interested:

Crescent Flow

Begin in Downward Facing Dog
Inhale right leg up behind body stretching foot away
Hold with breath
Inhale lift
Exhale, step right foot between hands
Inhale, rise to Crescent Lunge
Hold with breath
Exhale, ground left hand beside right foot
Inhale, right arm out and up
Breathe into twist
Exhale turn out, drop knee
Inhale, reach up and lengthen
(Arms can be framing head or hands clasped behind back)
Exhale hands to frame foot
Straighten both legs for pyramid
Inhale lengthen, Exhale bend knee
Step back to DD

Repeat on other side

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