Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Renunciation Practice

"Renunciation means to let go of holding back..."--Trungpa Rinpoche, a tantric interpretation of renunciation

I am preparing a 'Renunciation Practice' for my classes this week inspired by a reading in Awakening the Buddha Within. For me, it was interesting to have a different take on renunciation, to read that I do not have to leave my family, my home, give up sex and shave my head. Whew.

Excerpt from reading:
In Tibet, the term renunciation did not imply a sacrifice, or any notion of penance. Instead, it meant the relief of finally dropping and getting rid of excess baggage through an arising of inner certainty about the illusory nature of created things.

Letting go...lightening my load...freeing myself in the release of attachment to things, to feelings, to ideas that hinder my growth.

Ahhh...that's just refreshing.

Renunciation...to let go of holding.

When we hold, we grasp, cling--inertia sets in and we become stuck or attached. This glues us in place, sets us in stone and limits our experience.

When we let go, we are freed, we are lighter, we are more open to the experience of our living and the living becomes more meaningful, more vivid.

Isn't it time to unpack your suitcase?

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