Thursday, April 16, 2009

Small wonders...

As I'm reading my new book, "Life is a Verb", this morning, I am brought to a good way.

I am reminded to remember the little things, to bask in their simplicity, to appreciate their charm and detail. I am aware that I have been steered from myself by some sort of illusion I have been drawn to and in my chair this morning, I experience my epiphany in between the words I read.

From wonder to wonder existence opens--Lao tzu

For me, the wonders of this world have been experienced through my children, especially when they were younger but not just then. Through homeschooling, we stumble upon wonders with every lesson and I am imprinted and my mind expands.

They have been living reminders to take it easy, take it slow, relish, be mesmerized and in awe, be curious and full of wonder...ever full of wonder.

What do we do to ourselves as we age? What are we thinking when we can no longer experience wonder without grandeur? Why does a shadow no longer impress us? Or the dance of bubbles on the wind? What of the tiniest creatures scuttling along on the ground or the flight of those in the air?

My children had their 'little things' collections throughout the years. Feathers, leaves, pebbles, shells, buttons, marbles...all fit for little hands, all prized for their intrinsic beauty, for the way they touched the core of their emotion centers, for the way they spoke to them. Not for any outside worth, not for how they might be spent or traded, not for some distant appreciation in value but because they were.

I have moved from a place of appreciating little things--not a big sort of off-course blunder but a slight gravitation. Fortunately, my reading this morning realigned me, sharpened my focus and heightened my awareness for all things small, for all things simple and natural for which I am deeply grateful.

Wisdom begins with wonder--Socrates

I am open and today, I will wonder...

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