Saturday, May 16, 2009

My face...

I notice, especially lately, that I carry stress or tension in my face.  I clench my jaw, maybe a crease in my forehead--an overall tightening.

My meditation today has been to soften my face when I notice.

I have had the blissful opportunity to spend the day alone.  Answering only to myself, coffee for one, meals for one, tea for one, movie of my choosing and reading at my leisure.  It has been why the scowl?

I noticed it this morning as I was reading my book and realized that, beneath the surface, I was stressed to 'fit it all in' before my alone time was over.

This raised my awareness to the happening and created a vow in me to release whenever I noticed it creeping up.  From here, I was drawn to the mat for yoga and meditation--I needed to unwind and let go of my expectations for the day and open to the possibilities of this sacred time with myself.

As usual, this practice created space...and time as I wasn't hurrying through my day feeling strained and depleted.  I mozied and it was so, so good.

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