Thursday, July 23, 2009


I have someone in my life right now teaching me a big lesson and as I write this, I am really trying to refrain from being judgemental--there is my caveat. I am trying to convey the lesson I am learning from her without the judgement that arises, especially in the direct moment she is teaching me, i.e. when she acts this way, and my initial reaction is to cringe and simmer with irritation.

When I speak to someone, I am sharing a moment of intimacy where my action or inaction, attention or inattention, words and tone say more than the words themselves. It really is the ole' actions speak louder than words.

If someone asks a question, acknowledge them by looking at them--SEE them and when you respond to their question, speak in a way that says they matter right now.

From the mundane, "where is the bathroom?", to the sacred, "do you have a minute to talk?", your response is powerful-- it shapes how you are perceived, possibly how they perceive themselves in relation to you and most importantly perhaps, it defines a moment.

Respond with care.

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