Thursday, July 23, 2009

Happy Day

I have been re-committing myself to early bedtime.  I fell out of my routine when the kids returned from their grandparents a few weeks ago, feeling as if I had to make up time with them but dragging my butt around with little sleep and 'me' time.

Lately, I had to reassert that mommy needs her time and her sleep.  So on most nights, I'm in bed by 10:00, sometimes earlier, so that I have time to read from my latest book, maybe move through gentle asana and/or breathwork before my head hits the pillow.

This sort of 'claiming' my space and asserting my needs is an extension of my practice really as I honor my body/mind and establish a routine in support of my needs.

I was really into my book last night so I read well past heavy eyelids and then turned out the lights, prayed that I wouldn't become subject to the usual mom-guilt that can plague me just before sleep and, apparently, drifted off safe and sound.

I woke this morning before my alarm at 4:30, feeling great and happily looking forward to my Thursday morning Ashtanga Vinyasa practice.  I gave myself the next 30 minutes to lie snuggled under the covers and then, amazed at myself, got out of bed, dressed, brushed my teeth and left for class.

Smiling, light-hearted and peaceful, I moved through my practice.

What a difference it makes to honor yourself and live in a way that supports the life you want to lead.

Peace & Love to you...


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