Thursday, July 2, 2009


All sorrows can be borne if you tell a story about them--Karen Blixen

When I first read this quote, I read 'borne' as 'born', meaning birthed, brought to life and this resonated with me as I often weave fantastic tales of woe and in weaving those tales, they are afforded greater life and with that life, power--power over my consciousness, my thoughts, my actions, my sense of self.

Upon reading closer, I discovered my misunderstanding and read 'borne' as 'borne', to remain strong under or be able to handle, which makes the meaning just as relevant to me and almost in line with my original interpretation, with a slight shade of difference. In this interpretation, sorrow can be handled if you tell a story about it and, I would imagine, a story with a hero or heroine evolving toward greater consciousness through suffering.

It's all in the telling...any story we tell our self becomes more powerful in the telling, taking greater hold, coming to awareness and to life.

What stories are you telling about your own sorrows?

What stories are you telling about your life at all?

Look again through a lens of satya, (truthfulness) and look again and again and again.  Does your story change?  

Can it change?

Should it?


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