Monday, September 28, 2009


I had dinner with a new friend last night and so much of what we talked about was very thought-provoking for me but one point in particular stood out.  She was talking about psychology and how she will often tell her clients that the counseling they are signing up to receive has the potential to change their life.

No brainer, yes?  Probably what they are coming for in the first place, right?

She continues.

The process of change could open a new path for them, they could realize that the person they are with is no longer who they choose, the job they have is not fulfilling, they could begin to think about things a different way, assert themselves in different ways, connect to new interests and people, find that happiness comes easier and seems to be a natural resting place.

The process of change could result in an about face as you tear down and rebuild yourself.

As she was talking, I realized I needed the same sort of caution for my students because this practice is NOT for the faint-of-heart.

Your boundaries will be tested in this practice, your comfort zone annihilated, your shadow side will stand face-to-face with the light in you as they both vie for recognition and truth seeking to be called forth.  The layers of your ego will be pulled back, one by one and revealed to you an essence that could very well take your breath away.

We are blessed that the practice is a process and the process is practice because we couldn't bear the truth if it were unveiled in its totality--we need it bit by bit in stages.

I know this much is true--if this practice so much as touches your soul, you will be forever changed.

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