Monday, September 28, 2009

Lose yourself in love...

I read this on Wa Yo Yogi's blog this morning--Leanne was recounting something Ram Dass shared, a teaching he had received regarding his meditation practice...lose yourself in love.

Ram Dass shared that if you are singing a hymn in church, without love and devotion the hymn rattles off like a grocery list...lose yourself in love.

I was moved by this statement, so simple yet so profound.

When I resolve in my mind to meditate, I won't just close my eyes--I will open my heart. I won't just position my hands into any ole' mudra that I've seen in a magazine or a book but that has no meaning to me--I will place my right palm on my heart because it feels natural, softening the space there, holding the rhythm, bestowing grace. I won't try to 'look' a particular way but will position my body to receive whether that is lying on my back, kneeling in surrender with my forehead to the mat or sitting with support.

Just like my asana practice, my meditation must be an expression of who I am, where I am, my limits and my abilities.

When I resolve in my mind to meditate, I won't just sit and close my eyes...

...I will lose myself in love.

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