Monday, November 30, 2009

Cat Got Your Tongue?

It's sure got mine!

I have ordered a teaching break for myself. This unfortunately meant backing out of some classes and series that I had committed to and arranging for a friend to teach one of my three weekly classes through December.

I just need a break... I need to clear my head. As of right now I feel as stale as old bread and, while my sequencing is fine, like
I have nothing to offer in the realm of 'more-than-asana'.

This week, I was officially promoted to the Director of Rape Recovery--this was such an honor and sort of where my head has been rather than on my teaching.

Plus--and this will be a real freakin' surprise for my regular readers--I'm still locked up in the throat chakra struggling to find my authentic teaching voice.

Totally frustrating...

I need a free workshop or retreat where I can bask in someone's brilliance and inspiration. Notice I said free--surely you can see my pickle?

I need to speak from my heart without scrutinizing every word.

There's no other way to say it...the cat has my tongue.

I will set out to free it...

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