Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Growing Gratitude...

This is it really, don't you think?

You have to jump start it, rev it up and get it humming.

Water your flower so it can grow...and grow it will!

I noticed this on my way into work this morning as I was reflecting on my morning and the past few days. One happy, thankful thought led to another and I noticed the bounty in my life...as simple as my little life is, I am overflowing with gifts.

My favorite saying is, "my cup runneth over" and I mean that with a fierce sincerity that epitomizes my truth.

What I am thankful for today:
  • Loving my day job--I love coming to work. There is no dread when I rise in the morning and make my drive in after yoga.
  • Loving my evening job--I am inspired by the practice I am blessed to share with others.
  • When I need to take time off to catch my breath or take care of life burps (cable issues, doctor appointments, plumbing situations...etc.) I am paid for that time and do not have to sacrifice my peace of mind and quality of life for $$$.
  • Even though I am no longer at home with my children full-time anymore, I balance family, work and personal elements of my life in a way that feeds my soul.
  • For clarity.
  • For abundance, especially a new opportunity that has presented itself to me and could very well be the start of something new in my life.
  • For my yoga practice and how it creates harmony in my life overall--more than physically, which has its own benefits (I don't care to eat past the point of sufficiency, I desire healthy foods and THINK about what I eat, I feel great and vibrant, the list goes on and on), I have more space in my mind which spills over into my life, my heart is open and I am aware of the middle way, adhering to it whenever I can but certainly now more than ever.
  • For chocolate...dark chocolate...yum.
  • For my iPhone. Oh yes.
  • For my children and how MUCH they bring to my life--god I LOVE those little ones and I am wiser and better because of them.
  • For knowing I could continue to write this list until the end of time and so, for having THAT much to be thankful for.

May your Thanksgiving be filled with love and peace.


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