Monday, November 23, 2009

In the still of the night...

I feel so refreshed and at peace.

I have spent the last four days filling the moments with soulfood. Granted, I bought myself an iPhone and have used some time learning all of her capabilities and some may consider that to be rogue, materialistic pleasure but I have never splurged on myself before.

I have always waited on others to buy me gifts, especially significant others, but this gift was mine to and for me.

I had two extra days off and enjoyed time with my children--this morning taking them to a local cafe for breakfast and schoolwork. Noticing their faces and their words...noticing details of our environment.

I planted poinsettias in my hanging baskets on the front of the house--my special, tradition to welcome and bless the season. This is also my way of saying "this isn't just any lives here".

Later we went to my son's play--he's been working very hard with his theater mates for the last three months and their hard work paid off. It was wonderful to be there for him and to watch his light shine.

I wasn't always, every minute perfect in my presence or my patience or my awareness but my appreciation for this day and it's many gifts runs deep within me and even now, as I sit in the still of the night, I know I live a blessed life.

Love lives here.

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