Monday, November 16, 2009

The Weekend


I needed that--needed time with and for my children, time with and for myself.

What a great weekend!

I started it off Friday evening by making Buffalo Wings for my boy and I--he's been begging me for some time now--and a vegetarian alternative for my daughter, fresh cut veggies with blue cheese and ranch dressings and three different movies.

Saturday morning my 'practice' was an hour and half walk along our river--I tried little spurts of jogging to break it up and build a little endurance--and then stretched in the park when I was done. Nothing can clear my head like a good walk, especially when I'm walking on the river--I am so drawn to water and city sounds and this Riverwalk of ours takes you from our quaint little historic neighborhood, along the banks of the St. Johns River, to the heart of downtown.

As I was preparing breakfast, we had a knock on our door and I could see two ladies standing on the porch. My typical response is to ignore them until they go away but something told me to at least greet them before turning down what they were peddling.

I approached my glass door and was greeted with sincere smiles that I couldn't resist--as I opened the door, prepared to tell them my toast was in danger of burning, 'make it quick', one of them handed me a flyer advertising Thanksgiving basket giveaways at their church (a church new to our neighborhood and I have had the pleasure of watching their growth over the last month from one building to the strip across the street).

I feel I need a disclaimer here--I am NOT religious, probably more of an atheist if I were forced to step into a box. I have actually had quite a chip on my shoulder in regards to religion for the better part of my adult life. However, as of late, I am softening to that which brings people hope, to that which instills and breeds love, peace and acceptance in their lives, for themselves and in their regard of others.

Sometimes Tina, that is what religion does for people--it's not all fire and brimstone.

That is what religion was doing for these women and their church. They were walking door to door in our little outskirts-of-the-city neighborhood, where there are many living in need, sharing their desire to help--to offer hope and love through these Thanksgiving baskets.

I was touched by their mission and shared with them that I work with many clients who could very well benefit from this drive of theirs and asked if I might forward the flyers on, to which they responded with more love and more flyers and an eagerness to help our agency now and in the future.

We arranged to work together, exchanged phone numbers and parted ways--I didn't even burn my toast and I was SO glad I opened the door after all.

Now the kids and I had a purpose for our first stint out of the house--we were going to purchase some food for their basket giveaway.

Fortunately, our local grocery store had many relevant BOGO (buy-one-get-one) deals and we stocked up!

Before heading on to the rest of our day we dropped off our package and were met with hugs and warmth and more irresistible smiles! It was awesome and quite the step for me as someone who has had a bit of a struggle with religion but again--anything that brings you hope and inspires you to walk in love and compassion is good enough for me.

The rest of the weekend was filled with brownie baking, down time, necessary cleaning (ick), more games, TWO yoga magazines arriving in Saturday's mail (yippie!), slacklining where I was learning to stand...simply stand and finding the stillness in my mind for this level of balance to be accessible, and finally, space in between the thoughts...restorative for sure and VERY--MUCH--NEEDED.

When I am here, in this place of self-awareness and self-care, I am so much more equipped, willing and able to share of myself with others.

Yoga is intuitiveness of our body/mind--a communion with self however that manifests. On some days it may manifest in a walk, a brownie-bake-fest with children, an open mind with church ladies, a particular magazine that inspires the happy-dance, a body-honoring asana flow or a stillness in the mind born of peace or acceptance of monkey-mind.

My cup runneth over...with space to be filled.


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Eco Yogini said...

oh I am so glad that you are feeling better. :)

I agree with you, although pagan and not atheist, other religions make me wary.
However, as I've grown I've found that I can find peace with those who want to 'save' me... or who 'pray for my soul'... it means they care- and I guess if I believed hell existed and that someone I knew was going there I'd be worried too! lol.

I still have a ways to go though for acceptance.... lol= loved your view of 'intermission from judgement', still happens!