Thursday, December 3, 2009

Giving Space

This isn't my idea and it's certainly not a new idea but it came to me through a book I was reading, "Life is a Verb".

It one of those great books that you don't have to read from start to finish...pick it up anytime and open to any chapter and begin.

Until I read this book I never thought of 'space' as something we give, as that which can be given as an act of generosity.

As a rape victim advocate I have been doing this for years...holding space, creating space, facilitating space for her to fill. The rape survivor authors that space.

Creating space is certainly something we can do for our students...we should not feel compelled to create the experience for them. The practice will speak to each individual in a different way, in a different tongue and if we don't stand in the way of that, our students can receive in their own way, in their own time.

There are other ways we can create space and I seek out those opportunities throughout my days.

In conversations or other such interactions with others, for myself in the space between my words, recognizing that I don't have to fill every second with chatter. In my mind as I work toward using my breath to guide my mind away from negative or other such destructive thoughts or to calm a budding chaos.

This morning in yoga class my teacher mentioned that we have spikes in our practice as well as plateaus or periods of leveling out.

I may be at a plateau right now... But perhaps I can create space in which to better understand my path, where I'm going, what I have to offer and where I want to grow.

Stillness is not a bad thing so long as it doesn't reach stagnation. Stillness brings perspective and creating space is necessary if we are to have room to grow or change.

In love...

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Emma said...

A friend of mine, and a fellow yoga teacher, works with victims of sexual abuse, bringing her yoga and counseling backgrounds together. This is her website: Just thought it might be interesting...

Also, I reposted your sequence today: ( Thank you again!



Brenda P. said...

This is nice. There is much that can be learned in the silences, and I often have to remember that during my usual patter in class. My students say they like to be reminded about what they are adjusting...but they probably sink into the pose more by listening to their own bodies.

Thanks for the reminder.

Eco Yogini said...

creating space between words...

wonderful :)