Friday, January 15, 2010

Bliss-ful News

I have written here before about taking some time away from teaching, which really turned into a mere lightening of my teaching load. I have gone from a lot of subbing and three classes a week to two classes a week and very little, if any at all, subbing.

The practice of yoga changed my life, my heart, my outlook, my body and my mind and it refined my core - I don't think our essence or core can be changed so much as refined. We are who we are but sometimes we are reluctant or oblivious to the light inside of us.

Anyway, if I've never clarified this here, I teach at one studio in town and practice at another - nothing personal, I just find what aligns most with my journey at the latter.

I approached my teacher about teaching at her studio and working closer with her to go deeper, to know more, to refine my style and my teaching and she was very receptive. This was such a blessing for me because we are SO not a yoga town and sometimes it can feel quite alienating to know things like energy fields, bodies and lines, chakras, sanskrit, etc. and not have a community with which to share...'tis why I love my blog virtual yoga mat.

So, after class earlier this week she approached me about teaching and, while they don't have any available classes now, she asked if I would be willing to take a workshop (for FREE) on the proper way to assist students and then attend classes, for now, to assist. Even better, I will get free classes for my time and to that I say...

...You betcha!

So this was good news worth sharing...though most of this transition and planning happened before the holidays when I was feeling terribly uninspired by my practice (and meditation) and I am pose-by-pose, breath-by-breath, mindful pause-by-mindful pause finding my lover-ly groove, I still feel this is the best path for me now.

I love new beginnings...I love the pregnant unknown, ripe and round with possibility and promise.

Life is good and I can't say it enough.


(P.S. The studio I will be assisting at soon is 'Bliss'--thus the title of this post)


Eco Yogini said...

yay energy exchange!!!! i love this system and it sounds like you are "networking" and making in roads to creating your community :)


The Misanthropic Yogini said...

Here's to the opening of doors. Good luck with the new opportunity!

La Gitane said...

that IS wonderful news - as someone who loves receiving good assists, learning how to give them was one of the best parts of my teacher training. It is so gratifying to hear positive feedback when you assist someone in a pose - it's what teachers are really for. :) :)


Tina, you are most welcome to use my words and I'm so happy they inspired you. I will be super interested to see what 'twist' you pull out of them! :) Thanks for the link love. :)



Thanks everyone!

Eco - I'm a big fan of the barter system :) Not sure why we ever strayed :)

And thank you Bree (I love your name) for your permissions :) I'm working on it now...I love how reading other people's blogs inspires our thoughts and it evolves into a greater dialogue...

Brenda P. said...

"Virtual Mat"...I love that. That is EXACTLY what my blog is for me-a place to work things out, focus, refine. And by writing about these topics, I have to spend time clarifying it all to myself first. And it all comes back in my teaching and my own (sporatic) practice.

Congrats on the next move. It sounds very interesting!