Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thoughts on my liberation...

I do things the hard way - bottomline.

I'm a school-of-hard-knocks sort of girl and a walking hot mess...more so now that I'm single.

I'm ruining myself for other people...I'm like an animal fresh from a cage, a woman finding her power and simultaneously defining the border around her. Don't mistake - it's a crossable border...with a passport - we don't let just anyone in...anymore.

I've learned my lesson.

But man oh man it's been a ride...a long, necessary, bumpy, beautiful ride.

Now that I and I alone have the reins, where will I go? Hell, where WON'T I go?

It feels liberating and scary and tentative and empowering all in one.

Liberation and awareness are the fount from which I drink...may I never be swayed from their nectar.

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