Sunday, August 8, 2010

Keep it coming...

The life...the sweet stuff...the moments that distract the mind until they fill the mind, nourish it even.

I sit here among them...two of my friends cooking in the kitchen, in and out of games with another...finding my way, finding my peace...soothing myself and being soothed by their voices, their presence, the smells coming from the kitchen.

They ask nothing of me - they understand my silence and sadness and they make room.

Later they hear me as I come close to undone...holding my words and the spaces between them.

Cookies baking now in the kitchen that still smells of garlic...pillows and blankets on the sofa ready for snuggles, for warmth...a resting place for troubles.

Come now...

I sink into the softness, I am covered by a blanket and I let go for now...blessed by the presence of my friends.

Keep it coming - keep the beautiful coming.

"Feast of Love, Feast of Cookies"

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