Sunday, December 7, 2008

Goind beyong knowledge...

I found the following on a blog from and it really spoke to me--I post it here to speak to you...

"There is a huge gap
between thinking and awareness.

You cannot experience stillness
through knowledge and understanding.

There must be practice.
To take the time to sit silently
and be present.

Through practice
comes clarity.

Right here and right now,
can you allow yourself to
experience existing in this moment?

Or do you silently say
"I know this already."
and keep seeking outside
of this moment?

Because you cannot think

In fact,
the more you know about awareness,
the further you are from it.

It is not a one time thing
where you sit down
and the mind is still
and that is that.

No one just
woke up one day
and ran a marathon.

They got up
and ran a little,
then the next day,
they ran a little more.

Then one day,
you love running.

And that's what it is about.

you fall in love with awareness
and you give up all of your knowledge
to simply be present.

It is then awareness completes you.

But it all starts with practice.

The sooner you start,
the sooner you fall in love.



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