Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Variation of Thread the Needle

Sometimes, well, most times, in our yoga practice, we are constructing poses that have been practiced for centuries and, while the finished product might vary across time and body, for the most part, the essence is intact.

Other times, if we are really tuned in, the body moves on its own...as mine did this morning.

Following a gentle back bending series performed belly down, I needed more than child's pose to stabilize my spine...my shoulders needed something for all of that pulling back in 'Superman' or 'Airplane' pose. So I propped myself onto my left elbow and slid my right arm underneath, bringing my right shoulder to the mat and rested my head.


Then the other side.


Be open, let it go and let it flow.

Now let's see how my students feel about it...

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Anonymous said...

In the Kripalu tradition, we call that 'Meditation in Motion' - prana moves the body, guided by its own needs and wisdom. Might look like yoga, might look like something else entirely! Thread the needle sounds lovely right about now :)